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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To the Surface

Local Adelaide emerging artist Meg Cowell returns with her latest exhibition To the Surface featuring large-scale images of women's couture, wedding dresses and under-garments in various stages of transformation. 

After exhibiting her previous body of work Sanctum at Prospect Gallery and Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne last year, Cowell draws our attention to discarded feminine garments and gives them new life by reviving them into beautiful and sensual objects.

“During this period a transitory world emerges, a kind-of biological metamorphosis,” she says. “The garments become diaphanous and beautiful, highlighting their mystery”.

Highly evocative, these images initially call upon a sense of humour, for those who have walked the city streets in the early hours of the morning have stumbled across remnants of another's late night antics. However, when submerged underwater the works summon a darkness and uncertainity, forcing the viewer to wonder what may have occurred and how did these intimate garments end up plucked in trees, road-sides and public-toilet waste-bins.

To the Surface is showing at AP Bond Gallery, 2 Ann Street Stepney from June 21- July 8. For more information visit the gallery and artists' websites.
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