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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lair of Crazy Creatures by Luka Vaitkeviciene

Red Thread Collective member and Illustrator Luka Vaitkeviciene recently arrived in Australia from Vilnius in Lithuania. Luka describes her hometown as little and cozy. Interestingly, yet possibly unconsciously I find she has been drawn to a similarly portrayed city in Adelaide. Her candid and somewhat childlike depictions of animals and people are inspired by her everyday surroundings, “the streets, funny people with funny dogs, old things with stories and children’s books”. Preferably working with the humble pen and paper, Luka has incorporated her designs onto ceramics, bags, badges and dioramas, all of which you can admire on her website.

Luka’s Top 5 blogs - I used to check this often and it inspired me a lot. - my friend’s blog on her favourite things and her art. - It's a Latvian blog about comics, they make nice little comic magazines and put information about comic contests. - love her animals! - this is very inspiring Swedish artist

RTC members enjoy hearing about the differences between our two cities, Luka’s new characters and stories and we hope that whilst living in Adelaide, she finds some ‘aussie’ inspirations for her illustrations... starting with attempting to draw wombats.


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