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Monday, October 17, 2011

Feature Artist | Cheryl Hutchens

Tell us about yourself, how would you describe your work? My work explores the experience of illness and the fragility of the body. Recent work has used embroidery to investigate some common viruses and bacteria which cause us pain and suffering.
Who or what inspires you to create? Most of all I really like making things. If I wasn’t making art I’d be stitching home wares or making clothes. I’m fascinated by the internal workings of the body and I get a great deal of my inspiration from medical textbooks, documentaries and TV shows like Embarrassing Bodies.
What materials do you like to work with? Any fibre, but mostly cloth based textiles. At the moment I’m really interested in embroidery and knitting.
What are your favourite 5 art related websites or blogs? – for industry news and information about grants, competitions and exhibitions – I would like to say I visit just for news…but often also for shopping – a fantastic source for knitting inspiration – wonderful blog by an English author devoted to all the good things in life (…knitting, quilting, baking) and she posts beautiful photographs of her creations and travels – NAVA is good for arts business advice (and you can look me up in the artist galleries here to see more of my work)
If you could give one piece of advice for emerging artists, what would it be? Make the work that you want to make and don’t be influenced too much by other’s opinions.
Cheryl Hutchens graduated from the South Australian School of Art in 1999 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts. She studied dress-making at Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE before moving to London in 2003, where she lived for two years and worked in the Library and Archive of the Tate Gallery. Cheryl was a finalist in the Stanthorpe Art Festival and the Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award in 2010, and in February this year her Break, suffer, heal series was acquired by the Adelaide University’s art collection. Cheryl is currently undertaking post-graduate study at the South Australian School of Art.


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