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Friday, April 6, 2012

Reason for Being :: The Daily Disused

In the age of global concerns enduring natural resources, an interesting exhibition coming up in May is Reason for Being at Prospect Gallery. Curator Irmina van Niele has selected seven local artists Fern Hudson, Ann Newmarch, Youngsoon Jin, Cathy Brooks, Katie Harten, Judith Carletti and Christopher Sprod to reconsider the waste of the human daily life. 

Artists have long acquired the ability to be able to look at someone's 'junk' and recycle found materials and objects into artworks, but it can be more difficult for others who will buy something new over repairing it. The artists want visitors, and what we all should consider ‘what does one keep, what for and for how long?’ and 'why waste?'  

Reason for Being opens on Sunday 6 May 3pm at Prospect Gallery


Monica Robinson said...

may have to top by this one! No excuse really, I'm in the area :) Thanks for sharing.

M x

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