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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Artists' Roadmap to Success

Part of the reason for establishing Red Thread Collective was for emerging artists to be able to connect and share knowledge in order to further establish their careers as professional artists. There is a whole other level to being an artist aside from making the work. A new book has been launched by Katharine T. Carter & Associates 'Accelerating the Curves' is a roadmap for artists to have an endurable and successful career. Constructed in three varying levels of development, Stage One, Two and Three, the publication offers practical guides and examples to develop a workable plan and give artists the courage necessary to get to where they want to head. Whilst the book is slightly on the pricey side ($95) it is well worth the investment for those seriously considering a career in art. Visit this website for an in-depth introduction written by Katherine T. Carter who has had over 25 years experience working with artists to achieve their goals and purpose.


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