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Monday, September 12, 2011

LOVE LACE | Tsunami by Janet Echelman

How wonderful is it to see that the age-old technique of lace is being celebrated in today’s art world in the Love Lace exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. 134 artists from 20 countries unleash their passion for lace in this spectacular exhibition of winning entries and finalists in the Museum’s International Lace Award.

The exhibition ranges from bold large-scale installations and sculptures to intricate textiles and jewellery. Materials include gold and silver wire, linen and silk as well as mulberry paper, tapa cloth, horse hair, titanium and optical fibre.

One artist who demonstrates how a traditional technique can be transformed into contemporary art is the 24 metre wide lace work titled Tsunami by Janet Echelman (USA) that will be installed 13 metres above George Street at the Sydney Town Hall from  23 September to 23 October.

Tsunami was inspired and gets its name from the events that unfolded following the 2010 Chile earthquake. Echelman was motivated by the 1.26 micro second shortening of that day on February 27, which resulted from the earthquake’s redistribution of the Earth’s mass.

‘By meditating on these epiphenomena, the work underscores the interdependence of Earth systems and the global community.  It asks the viewer to pause and consider the larger fabric of which they are a part,” said Janet Echelman.

For more information and images on all the works in the exhibition visit the Love Lace website.


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