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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craftsouth Traditional Craft Skills Workshops

After the success of last year's program of traditional craft skills workshops run by Craftsouth, they are pleased to announce their new program for 2011. Looking for a new direction in your work, or want to learn a traditional technique from a craft practitioner with a culturally and linguistical background, whilst connecting to other South Australian artists and community members, then sign up for these wonderful workshops.

Textile craft workshops running from one day to 10 week courses include Bangeledeshi quilt embroidery, Nigerian indigo dyeing, Bosnian sock knitting and Middle Eastern knotted rug weaving. Material fees are included in the cost of each workshop and Craftsouth members receive a 20% discount.

For more information on the schedule and to register for workshops email or visit the Craftsouth website


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