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Friday, November 12, 2010

Filling Holes with Wool

Lara Torr, Prue Gramp and Meghann Wilson present new works in Filling Holes with Wool at Urban Cow Studio from 1 - 31 December. 

Each artists incorporates embroidery into their pieces, encouraging the viewer to consider the finer details of traditional craft practices. Gramp explores the narratives within the history of shipwrecks and icebergs in small scale embroidered and painted works, whilst Torr draws inspiration from vintage knitting patterns with her own treasured possessions and imagery from cult horror classics such as The Shining and Suspiria are evident in Wilson's intricate painting and embroidery works. 

While the opening on Wednesday 1 December is on the same night as one of our upcoming meetings, make sure you get to see this wonderful exhibition, demonstrating how textiles has progressed into contemporary art. Also Lara will be exhibiting in an emerging contemporary textile survey next year at Prospect Gallery curated by Red Thread Collective members Kara Growden & Kate O'Leary. 


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